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It seems my laptop isnt't up to running the latest xmr mining software. Using heat protection I have it set to shut down if any of the cores remain at 97 degrees c or above for 10 seconds or more, Its a new HP latop with an I7 and a 1050gtx gpu with 4gb v ram, Since the weather got warrner its shutting down evrey day and night pretty much, 

For this reason i have had to stop mining unless the ambient temperature is cold. I have two favours  ask; is there a site that willl show you  how to build a multiple gpu mining machine and the next thing i want to ask,iss if you can transfer my balance after the next block is found. I thought id already posted this but cant find it



Try xmrstak, it has a number of different intensity settings (described in the config file) that you can set to reduce temp / increase system responsiveness. You might also try using some air duster to blow out any dust.

There's a bunch of videos on youtube talking about how to build a multi-gpu miner. Basically you'll need a motherboard with multiple pcie x16 slots (they make special mining boards or you can get a gaming mobo) or you can buy pcie x16 to pcie x1 riser boards and just plug them into any pcie slot.

Hi Paul,

 I set up my rig using a few videos from Youtube. There are quite a few good ones. But as retnuh mention the real key is using pci express risers. The other stuff for most part will be similar to setting up a new pc but with loooots of GPUs ;)

I'm not sure what you mean by transfer balance though Paul, as long as you use the same monero address or even monero address with a work id, there will be no loss of balance or shares that are already earnt.

So you can see up you new mining rig with a work id. Below is how I've set up my two machines to use the same monero address.

For example, my monero address is use is

** DO NOT use these addresses it's just an EXAMPLE (use your own address when you mine)


so I have 2 machines, one i've called april, the other beatrix

So I can use


and on my second machine