PPLNS and stopping for tuning and building rig

Martin 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 3

I have a question concerning pplns. I am building my rig and continuesly tweaking my cards etc. Therefore I have to stop mining ETH and returns after doing my thing.. Gives that rewards problems?..

I am new in this coinfoundry pool from may 8th

it really only depends on the time in between breaks and how much hash you have

for example: 

5 min vs 12 hours

or 100 MH/s vs 1GH/s

stopping for 5 mins wont have as much as an effect as stopping for 12 hours

however, if you have only 100 Mh/s or less then you need every minute you have, compared to 1 Gh/s where you have a break and not have to worry

ok... then my brake of an hour concerning renew drivers... is ehmm... a disaster.. 85mh/s is my max at this moment. well i am not giving up. tnx for your answer...

building one rig with nvidia 1070 cards and one with rx 580 cards. my favorite is 1070 .. It uses 113 watts and gives 32.5mh/s . Max with rx580 is 30mh/s and uses 98 watts per card.