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Is there any interest in another Scrypt based pool here at Coin Foundry?

Sealtee 4 months ago • updated by Muis 3 months ago 13

Is there any interest in another Scrypt based pool here at Coin Foundry? It seems that Verge is not a real good choice at this point because of all their recent issues and that leaves Litecoin as the only other Scrypt coin here. So what about DigiByte with the Scrypt algorithm? LiteCoin Plus? Some other somewhat "mainstream" Scrypt based coin? Is there interest? Is it possible?


Hi, dont know. Probably to new to crypto, still :) Doesnt have strong opinion about "third" grade coins. Litecoin is ok, widespread- wellknown, but others - dont know :)

Under review

I've already thought about adding DGB-Scrypt a while ago. If there's interest I will make it happen.


Hmmm, I thought that there might be more interest in mining DGB-Scrypt on this pool, anybody else interested?


I'm currently mining DGB Scrypt elsewhere, but would be happy to move my hash over to coinfoundry if Oliver decides to implement it. DGB is a great coin with a long history, and I'd be happy to have my L3 and D3 miners on the same pool host.

I am fairly new here, but I would not mind DGB Scrypt or EMC2 or even Florin. I know both of the later are older coins, but still fun to mine and profitable at times(easy blocks for those who like quick results). That would get me to point some power this way.


DGB-Scrypt is coming tommorow.


The DGB-Scrypt pool is now open for mining: https://coinfoundry.org/pool/dgb2

Great work Oliver, but the pool is showing "dead" when trying to connect for me. I have gone over my settings scratching my head and I can't seem to find anything wrong on my end. Is everything up and running normally?

URL: stratum+tcp://dgb2.coinfoundry.org:3178 (also tried 3179)

Address: DSSKkvMRMtxpRW2xcRuKVkKQc4Vgo93NPY

same for me..pool showing dead on both ports, with or without workername. ill keep checking back and thank you for setting this up.

There was a DNS issue that has been fixed now. Sorry for the confusion guys.

Oliver, I wanted to reach out and try and get into communication with one of you guys. I have quite a lot of hash power to add and I just had some questions. Please reach out via hiveminttechnologies@gmail..thanks dude!

Thanks Oliver, it looks like everything is up and running.

Hi Oliver, I have moved my 2xL3 to mine DGB-Scrypt. Running close to 3 days with no blocks found.

Is this normal? I am still new to crypto mining but can see the two L3's has a combined hasrate of 1.03 GH/s on the pool.