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My payment Delay

Manoj 4 months ago • updated by Oliver 2 months ago 15

Hi am received my xmr payment last 9 days ago when will am get get my next payment.Here my ID:43St1gejae63z3FUfSL1ccDe1bpto1QGKdfbi5itzE3d5KjQXa8t8sBammH9AwrKqAQRgRMm1dkXn4spA1as6a5n8zKss2E

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The is no payment delay. The pool can only pay you when a block is found. If you want to get paid per share then you would be better of mining at a PPS pool or a PPLNS pool with higher block volume.

Thanks for the reply! But that still does not make sense. It's like 10 days now and are you saying no blocks were found yet. We got our first payment in just three days of mining. Please clarify!


They are a rip off ! blocks found on raven coin and still no pay !  and yes block was confirmed !

It makes absolute sense. This is how mining works, you get a reward only for your participation in finding a block by the pool. Last XMR block was found on May 18, the one before that was found on April 29. There is no guaranteed time it takes to find a block, only estimated, but in the end it's largely about luck. Educate yourself, use google or the FAQ over here, else you'll just making a fool of yourself. 

Ok so it’s been more than a month now and we have not been credited yet! Can you update us on this please !



 Just to clarify any confusion.

I check the "my stats" page using your wallet ID. It say you earnt 0.97225 XMR

I then checked the "payments" tab. It says 0.97225  XMR was transferred to your account about a month ago.


So are you able to clarify what you mean by next payment?

You have 0 XMR balance and 0 shares; with those stats there wouldn't be a next payment

why there is no payment? the minimum payout is 0.1 xmr
Balance0.13969 XMR
Earned0 XMR

What's your wallet id?


Hey Mikhail,

 Seems legit. Maybe post on a new thread so Oliver can check it out.

I think your query getting is getting buried in this thread. He might not see it.

I've already replied to you in the other thread: You are mining directly to an exchange using a Monero Integrated Address. Mining to an exchange using either an integrated address or a payment Id is subject to a higher payout limit of 1 XMR. This is clearly stated on the pool page. The reason for this is that payments to exchanges using either address format requires the transfer to be executed by the pool in isolation instead of batches of multiple payments to multiple addresses. Single address transfers incur much higher transfer fees for the pool, hence the higher payout limit.


they are ripping us off


I disagree SkipR in most cases this it's a system or network issue.

This pool and Oliver in particular has been very accommodating


- There was an instance where the pool did not send XMR, Oliver made sure everyone was paid. (On top of this he was probably taking it on face value that what people were reporting was true and not trying to scam him)

- When Monero switched to the new algorithm there was a very very long time before the next pool, Oliver paid out of his own pocket for additional XMR to be transferred to those who stuck around

So how about we do this

1. Post your Monero public key, we will check what's happened according to the pool

2. Then please provide your Monero AUDIT key and we'll see if your claims of non payment can be substantiated

Great. I've only seen updates to this thread after getting notified in Slack about it. ;( The Userecho admin view did not show any updates. Sorry for that and looking into it. 

Manoj: Just like you've mentioned, you received a payment on March 18. After that I cannot find any activity in the database or logs for address 43St1gejae63z3FUfSL1ccDe1bpto1QGKdfbi5itzE3d5KjQXa8t8sBammH9AwrKqAQRgRMm1dkXn4spA1as6a5n8zKss2E.

No paid shares and no discarded shares. Are you sure that you kept mining using the same address? Could you post your config here?