Monero XMR since the fork effort average 372%

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We just found a block for Monero XMR at 466% effort, last on was at 450% effort.  Since the fork we are averaging 372% effort (I did not include the 1% effort for the half block payout Oliver manually added since it would skew the real effort %).  Is there a problem?  I have two friends mining Monero elsewhere, neither have seen any significant reward change since the fork.  Both are mining with around 70 - 80% of the H/s that I have (they have less H/s than I do) and the lowest one has almost double the reward.  I know luck matters but could there be some other issue?  One of my friends said he read on a forum that a mining pool admin said they had a problem and it turned out to be an issue with he pool having lots of "expired" submissions.  Is that possibly what is happening here?

Since the fork, I do admit my xmrig stops mining every few minutes for a while with an error saying "no active pools, stop mining".

@happyserendipity - I think when it stops mining like that it does not count toward the "effort" calculation.  With that being said I have been having the same "stop mining" issues.  But I have been having that issue before the fork.  It does not happen as much since I created a Proxy and connected my rigs to it locally (XMRig Proxy - https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig-proxy).


I still think it's largely just luck. See last block.


...it's only about luck! Not about configuration errors!

Awesome looks like a block found at 18% effort so that bring us down to 313% effort since the fork.  Looks like the block confirmation status of is still at 0% at 11 hours.  I hope it can be confirmed...

Two days later and the block is still not confirmed...  Talk about shitty luck...


What were you guys saying about being just about luck???   Per Oliver about the last block found but orphaned (no payout)...  "The problem with Monero Block 1589929 was a combination with a never before seen sync issue of the daemon and a bug in the pool's block unlocker code".

Over 7B shares gone...  Fuck - Fuck - Fuck...

Over six months into this and I have 2 XMR at a cost of over $600 in electric.  Both of the guys I got interested in mining have over 4 XMR and around 1K H/s less than I do and they started about a month after I did...  This is crazy...  I am creating heat with these computers and now since it is summer I am paying for air conditioning to cool the house.   I am selling / trading this shit, already traded two of the computers Sunday for a 9MM handgun (it is nice to live in the USA - true freedom).  I will be shutting the rest down as the others sell / get traded off.  Fuck this hobby...

I apologize for that post.  Bad mood.  I had to admit to my wife that I wasted money, yet again.  I was hoping to show her it was not just another thing I spent money on that did not get a return.  In almost seven months, Over $1,000 on equipment + over $600 in electric for 2 XMR.  She was right, I was wrong - hence the bad mood.  She said think of how much ammo we could have bought. She / we like to go to the range and shoot some holes in targets and now that Trump is president the ammo is a lot cheaper (he allowed the metal producing factories to open back up, way to many regulations here, before Trump all our factories were closing / closed down).  At least I did not wast as much money as I did on my last hobby - solar panels and batteries lol...  No return on that "investment" either - well, they will pay for themselves in about 15 years lol...


Unfortunately luck can go different ways.  Hold onto your coins. Hopefully in a few years the price will go up and you can break even or come out on top.  As far as this pools goes, Oliver is a very supportive admin and has gone out of his way to compensate miners out of his own pocket in the past for pool glitches. I also have a friend who started at the same time I did with a different pool and I currently have the same XMR as he does and I have half the hash rate he does.  I have never been lucky at a casino.  I lose money every time, but I expect to lose my money and just go every few years for the shits and giggles factor. 

I know Oliver is an good / honest guy.  It just sucks is all I am really saying.  No-one likes to hear their wife say mining sounds like a scam,  you are going to lose a lot of money and waste your time.  Then have to admit she is right when she reviews the last seven electric bills and shows you proof that she is right.  So I told her "we will hang on to the XMR for a few years and see what it is worth at that time"...  Of course she fired back at me --> it was "worth" over $300 when you started and is "worth" $125 now, see a trend.  She used her fingers to make the "" when she said "worth".  


Sorry for your loss, man.  I encourage you not to just drop mining altogether, though. Monero mining is egalitarian and anyone with a CPU can do it with little to no upfront cost such that it doesn’t make sense not to mine. Cut your losses, sell your equipment, take your wife out to dinner, go to the rifle range, blow off some steam, and then just mine with your PC or whatever.

You’re not gonna get rich, but you’re still helping Monero at the expense of the Fed... ;)


I am sorry also for your loss minerofmonero. Nobody wants an irritated wife either.

I agree with the dog. You can still cpu mine. Should only run you $10 month ballpark per cpu.

Crypto no different then stock market. It has it’s up’s and downs but eventually usually ends up in the long run. I do believe that crypto is here to stay.


Hey MinerOfMonero,

 Little story for you here.

 About 4-5 years ago I splurged about $2K onto a new PC. At the time EVERYONE said I was a MORON for wasting money and killing the electricity bill on a little thing called BITCOIN. Most people I talked to thought I had lost the plot. I kept pushing on determined to mine at least 1 bitcoin.

Well I got my Bitcoin but after seeing my video card blow up wasn't so keen to continue anymore.

Fast forward to then end of 2017, I suddenly remember I had 1 BTC stashed away on CoinBase. And now EVERYONE was proclaiming how "lucky" I was to have a Bitcoin and that I was a MORON for not selling the Bitcoin.

All I can say, is that by mining Monero at this point in time you are still ahead of the curve of 90% of the populace. And Monero may or may not take off. Your still wayyyy ahead of the curve, we're not even into early adopter phase yet. But...if it does, do you want to be saying to yourself "Shit I wish I had kept mining".


Anyway, here what I tell my friends who say Monero is going to hell because of it's anonymity and that I should 100% back Bitcoin.

Internet Stage 1. The internet was built, people thought it was for nerd in university to send messages to each other

Internet Stage 2. People didn't see much value in it, then came Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

Internet Stage 3. Now people are wanting more than ever to protect their privacy. Eg. Facebook Cambridge Analytica debarcle

We're still at stage 1 in terms of crypto, there really isn't that "killer app" build on the network yet.

At stage 3, when people freak out that their shopping habits are being traced via the blockchain or stalkers are finding their home addresses through public info on the blockchain.

Then it will be Monero's time to shine.

Keep the faith :)


Thanks for the reply's guys.  I am still mining just taking some of the heat I mean hash down for awhile.  I live in an old house that is hard / expensive to cool off in the summer when it is 80+ degrees F.  I was just in a bad mood when I posted that stuff.  

Glad to hear you haven’t completely quit!