What is with litcoin pool ?

Peter 3 months ago • updated by BoC_Rob 3 months ago 7

What is with litcoin pool ? 23 days without block found


Agree!  I'm close to bailing on this pool - going to give another week.  If no more block(s) then I have to go where I know I'll be profitable.

noticed that the latest block found with litecoin doesn't update properly.  Could be a time zone issue but for me its been on 24 days for a couple of days.  Also, when I look at shares (I need explanation of what they are for) and switch between 24h and last 30 days the shares show slightly higher and when I switch back to 24h it shows slightly lower.  How does that work and what are the shares used for?  Thank you.

Peter, I noticed when I signed up for this pool that there were 60 miners and less than a week it was 50.  Today it is 52 so they lost some of their total hashing power.  As long as they don't loose the top guy, he has around 60 asics, this pool should be ok but would be nice if another big miner came here.  He received 6 - 9 litecoin as payout four times last month.  You can look at what other miners are doing here by pasting the wallet address in the my stats entry field and then going to payouts.

60 ASICS and only getting 6-9 LTC four times last month tells me they are losing money.  That’s an average of 0.5 LTC per miner, per month. 

Sorry to go but this pool has some issues to work out.  Maybe then I'll come back.  Re directed my miners to litecoinpool.org and in just 2 minutes its already showing my rewards earned.

Rewards Summary

Paid Out0.0000000000000000

LTCUnpaid Rewards0.0002101242839040

LTCPast 24 hours Rewards0 LTC


I mining here ca 2 monts and all work good , but for last time there is nothing block to find .... Normaly search 1 block for 2-3 day and now nothing . I´m for 5 days on antpool there all normally working . I dont now where is problem , its question for administrators of this pool . When all goes normal , I coming back .... I have 3 L3+ for this moment .

Unfortunately I’m out.  I’m  not sure what’s going on, after almost 5 weeks of mining I got nothing.  I got something the first 4 days but nothing after.

Strange to me...