Earnings not showing on Ether

sword 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 2

I have been mining Ether for more than 24 hrs and I don't see any earnings on your site.

Wallet: 0x9843075a389c58A22Df5D3787305b0238410Afb1

Opened tick with no luck.

Anyone knows what is happening?

No blocks have been found during the last 24 hours, so naturally there will no earnings until a new block is found. Last block was 6 days ago. Do note that this pool uses PPLNS (https://coinfoundry.org/faq#payments), which has a bit more complicated payout scheme (incentives miners to stick with the pool instead of hopping between pools). You also need to meet the minimum payout level, which for ETH is 0.1 before funds are released to your wallet. 

Thanks, I was talking about shares being showed. I used wrong word "earnings"