no stats yet ?  ju8st stealing my mining ?

ok I was mining when we found block 281636 I better see some $$ coins

No stats posted in raven coin


NO STATS ! NOT MINING ANYMORE ON COINFOUNDRY until you get the payments and stats working..

Were is the $$  you got to be posting payments ?

still waiting for payment ?

I am not the pool operator, but if you're not seeing any stats, then it's possible that you got your config wrong and didn't mine against this pool at all. The pool is automated, so if the pool daemon picks up your submitted shares, they will be reflected in the stats and in the payouts algorithm. So for some reason, you're not submitting any shares to the pool and this should be the first thing you should be asking and trying to investigate, what is wrong on your end, that you are not submitting any shares while others are.

still waiting on payment ?

did you read my comment?

yes I read it, here is my config , Loaded in and was producing shares. 

see if it is wrong...

-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RXAgwearJJ5D9PxAfoDMu9YcWWQoJoomeu -p x

what miner are you using? the config line looks a bit different than the example lines in

can you also post a screenshot from the miner that shows it's submitting shares to coinfoundry?

using simple mining  just started this for you,

Yeah I can't tell from that that you're mining against Coinfoundry, but you are getting shares accepted. Will ping the pool operator to look into this, you might want to share your IP address as well so he checks the logs (in a PM/email of course).

Under review

I've identified an issue with the US RVN server. That has been fixed now. Sorry for that.

Finally getting stats Now that the pool operator fixed the problem .. No Coins but it shows my HASH  RATE AT 

84 mhs A little high in my opinion and total pool rate at 44.71 mhs  ????? 3 total miners .

No coins for past efforts .

Pool hashrate is at 115 now. I think it uses some average over a period, that's why you didn't see the spike right away.

Sorry about you not getting any reward for past efforts, this happens in opensource, bugs are part of sw development, its the cost of participating, happened to many people before you, will happen on many projects after you. Good luck with future efforts, I'm sure you'll get a reward for the submitted shares next time the pool finds a block.

Racking up shares pretty fast now so I guess everything is ok..

I will let it run overnight and see what happens, Hopefully we find a block.

Thanks for your help,



We found a block and I got paid So its working , YES