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l3+ restarts on digibyte scrypt pool

pcoker37 3 months ago • updated by Craig 16 hours ago 17

Miners restart every 15 to 30 min, anyone else having same problem?

This is also happening to me. I thought there was something wrong with my miners but it doesn't happen on any other pool.

Under review

Which region are you guys connecting from? US, EU, Asia?

Any updates to a cause for this issue? Still seems to be occuring pretty regularly.

I am in NC and there have been some ISP issues the last couple of weeks. I have noticed more stales and rejects with no more than a few HW and hour, so it is possible some of it is on my end. Oliver does the pool kick you out if stale and reject rate gets to high? Another thing I thought it might be was work restarts..thoughts? I have 4 l3+'s on the pool now and they vary in how long between restarts. 2 restart about very 10 to 30 min, 1 every hour or so and the other usually around the 2 hour mark. This would rule out work restarts I would think.

Bump, still having this issue it seems. No internet connectivity issues here.

i have the same problem. which adress is better: 3178 or 3179? thank u!

Have you figured anything out with this issue Oliver? I've been running my L3s on other DGB pools without issue, but when I connect here it resets my Antminer uptime every hour or so. Not sure what bearing this has on shares submitted, but something is wrong nonetheless. Thanks.

Am I right assuming that you are mining from Australia or NZ?

Oliver, I am mining from USA.


Craig, what IP resolved dgb1.coinfoundry.org to when you ping it?

I've just deployed a patch that hopefully improves the issue with disconnects. We'll see.

Appreciate the patch attempt. Just checked and I'm still getting consistent reboots, with maximum of ~20-30 minutes uptime.

Craig could I have the address that you are using to mine to investigate further?