Zoio007 2 months ago • updated by Marvin Parsons 2 months ago 5

TAXA hash? 


I'm mining Monero and Zec and both of those are the same. It happened within the last couple of hours but I'm not sure when. My miners are plugging away but they are not showing in my active miners field and my hashrate is at zero. Was there a site glitch? Has the foundry been hacked? A reset perhaps?

Zero hashrate also with ETC since a couple of hours. The pool hashrate dropped since 00:00. I switched back to ETH but so far it also stays at zero hashrate and no shares are added. What's going on?

My graph hasn't moved since the last update at 6am so my guess is that a program that updates info to the stats page is down but since my miners both say everything is normal, I believe their activity is still being tracked so everything should be fine. Hopefully someone at the foundry will restart whatever software relays the info to the stats page soon.

I come through this request a position of the company because so far I do not see the processed hash and no emulation.
what will happen with hash because the panel does not show any blocks, are questions that were not answered and no one speaks, I will communicate dash.org to take the logo of you because it does not show transparency.


The issue was resolved the same day for me. Several threads were opened on the issue. They replied to the most active one. 

Your english translation of whatever your native language is makes it difficult to understand exactly what you're saying but if you're saying you are still having an issue with DASH, you should start a new thread so it will get their attention. Try to word the title with a sentence that sums up the problem. Your single word title for this thread doesn't make it obvious that there is an issue.