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4 Miners working on Dash, but stats account show no any miner 0,0 H/s. What is happening?

jmtribo 2 months ago • updated by Oliver 2 months ago 5

 Address: Xwz8poZWEyYa9KfGSjFkG4knG4sigPFGJJ

Same here unfortunately. DGB2 pool and DASH pool both showing 0 workers or hashrate.

Under review

I'm sorry there was a database issue resulting from another service slowly consuming all available diskspace. I've corrected the problem. Displayed Hashrates should return back to normal soon.

Detalhes Minhas ações foram bem mais de 500.000 k Acabei de receber o pagamento de apenas 0,00089 Recompensa para 36,29 e deixou apenas 74,181 k porque?

Workers are shown now. But  no  any DASH block found from day ago, waitting for the next. Thanks for the  reply.

Sunday was a slow day indeed. But otherwise the rate of found blocks is well inside the normal fluctuation over time.