One of the servers must be offline again.

Marvin Parsons 3 months ago • updated by Jim M. 3 months ago 4

Zec is still mining for me but it appears that the server that allows me to check stats is down.

Although I'm not currently mining Monero I still have the stats page up for that as well and checked it. Its also down.

Same thing happened with the dash pool yesterday, was forced to move from coinfoundry to some other pool for the mean time.

same here mining 10h and after returning Website to online state , no new shares displayes...

mining for nothing?

If your miner is chugging along you should be fine I think but others know more about this. It may just be that the server that relays the info to you is down. If it can get work from the site and do that work it should be recording that work.

Keep in mind the website hosting is not running on the same machine as the actual mining pools so our shares are being recorded and blocks are being found.