504 Gateway Time-out

mail 3 months ago • updated by Jim M. 3 months ago 2

and again https://coinfoundry.org/pool/zec

504 Gateway Time-out

question again, my miner runs and the stats cannot be shown, will my shares stored, payed?

every few days 10 h and more gateway timeouts are many lost shares!!!

looks like this pool has a ddos problem or something like that. thanks 4 wasting my time,electricity and so..

I'm pretty sure if your miner is working its being logged. It would have to be for it to accept shares. I believe the only problem right now is that the server that relays that info to us is down.

Ivan! The website API goes down so much lately. It's a real problem because new miners trying to learn about coin foundry cannot log on the site. I will keep spreading the word about coin foundry on reddit and other places but a dead website makes my effort almost meaningless!