ETH pool not paying out at all?

Ablixeron 2 months ago • updated by Jim M. 2 months ago 2

What's going on with the ETH pool here?  I've got over .2 ETH (based on prior payouts) that has been sitting for over a month without any activity?

Is the ETH pool dead?  Please advise how to go about getting my earned shares, and if its time to move to another pool permanently.  Thank you.

Mining basics: Pools pay out only when they find a block.

Eth pool on Coinfoundry hasn't found a block since June 21st.


Ablixeron, just as it's possible our pool may mine a block in as low as 20% or even 10% the expected time frame (good luck) it's also possible that a block will take 200% or even 300% the expected time. This time around (this time frame from the last block/pay out) we are simply very unlucky by comparison to the past :( 

The best advice I can give you is to keep mining full speed because the more you contribute the more likely we will finally find our block.