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The Bitcoin Gold Pool is back online

Oliver 1 month ago • updated by Doge Coin 1 week ago 5

Due to the rising popularity of BTG, I have decided to bring back the Bitcoin Gold Pool.

Good day Coinfoundry!

Thank you for supporting Bitcoin Gold once again.

Could you please contact me , I wish to speak with you with regards to your site.

Kind Regards,


Mining Support

Bitcoin Gold

My email : miningsupport@bitcoingold.org

Under review

The pool page https://coinfoundry.org/pool/btg has been fully updated for the changed PoW.

i would still prefer taking my device to a repair shop since I'm a commener and not a technician, i don't know if i mess it up more in trying to fix it somehow https://www.essay-to-go.net, my advice personally is to get it repaired via a technical engineer.