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Watching Dash Pool closely

Oliver 3 weeks ago • updated by Doge Coin 1 week ago 11

Monitoring the Dash pool closely since it hasn't found a block after yesterday's upgrade to Dashcore 12.3.2. If the situation remains that way it will be taken down for maintenance to figure out what's going on.

Help me with th DGB pool plssssss, and i promise you i-l add so much miners int the dash pool that you-l find a block in no time..and just as a proof, i-l add 10 D3.

Under review

gabineagu: I'm currently working non-stop on the DGB issue.

I've contacted the Dash team for more information.

No payment after 2 days ago in Dash :/

A block with a relatively high effort was found tonight and payments went out.

I completely agree with you. They screwed us big time with the new version. After 2 days we got one block and now again almost 1 and half days no block. Can we downgrade? I never saw Beepool or Cybtc in top 20 in the pool list

https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dash/#!extraction and now so many pool are in the list and we are out from top 20.

I doubt downgrading is an option.

Cannabiscoin(CANN) is more profitable now. We might have to consider mining with our D3 if you can open the pool for CANN coin.

2M shares and still stuck, on a day when dash just recovered value.