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hash rate down, half workers showing on line yet ALL are running

luke-paul 3 weeks ago • updated by Loki 2 weeks ago 15

all 10 of our machines are working and mining, however when checking them on coin foundry, not all 10 are showing, more commonly, 2 will disappear then reappear and then 5 will disappear and so on.... our hash rate is right down and yet all of the machines are working with no fault at our end.

this is halting our mining and causing a lot of frustration!!!! please offer assistance!!!

Under review

Which currency are you mining in the first place?

I need more information. 

  • What IP resolves dash.coinfoundry.org to when you ping that host?
  • Your dash address

sorry, still a bit of an amateur, learning as we go...can you tell me how to get to the IP address?

sorry still learning as we go bit of an amateur where do i find the IP?

open a comand line/terminal on you pc, and type ping dash.coinfoundry.org

the ip that is returning response, is what Oliver needs

We've reverted back to the old Dashcore version. Perhaps that brings back stability on the block times.

I am now getting 0 H/S. XjUmYxhJj4FCBFjmHvy7BVaXWGyuwiG4Ej. I can ping dash.coinfoundry.org and getting IP

I've deployed a fix that should kick in within 10 minutes.

Its working again. Thank you.

thank you everyone for your help!!!! - but we still only have 4 workers showing on coin foundry....

thanks everyone!!!!  all of our workers are on and working - though number 4 is now not appearing, we will keep checking! 

Huge hash down last 4 hours for Dash. It only showing 84 miners with 1.4 TH. Did someone left or the pool having some issue?

Hi, same issue here, one of my miners is showing "connection refused"