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Monero pool down or under maintenance?

Diogenes the Dog 1 week ago • updated 3 days ago 21

Just woke up today to about 30 miners missing from the usual 90 or so.  Repeatedly timing out after logging in for maybe 10-15 minutes.  Assuming everyone else is having this same issue...

Same here. Only one miner currently doing monero. It seems to be connecting intermittently and doing a small amount of work.

Right now I'm getting :

Pool logged in

New block detected

All pools are dead...idling


Do you know when this started?  It looks like either 00:00 UTC or thereabout...

On my end it started dropping around 8pm EST yesterday

Well this is weird I have two physical machines connected to the same router.

The machine with 2 Vega 64 cards seems to mining without a problem

The other machine with a single vega 64 card but gets socket error

At first, I thought it was an issue with the XMR-Stack version but having tried newer versions of XMR and still getting socket errors.

Still not sure what's going on.

Everything’s up and running for me...but I still don’t know what could’ve happened.

Oliver’s UserEcho alerts must be messing up again.

It started working for me yesterday.

Started woraking for me also yesterday

Everything is dead now on my end. :(......

I don't know if this helps but I'm in Australia.

Also what software are you guys using? and version?

Under review

I've monitoring this for the past couple days now. It appears to have only affected our Linode based edge servers in the US and Singapore. The latter is also serving Australia. I've asked Linode support to migrate the server into a less cramped environment.


Thanks Oliver, miners have kicked off now. Yay!

Socket errors again.  xmrstak.  ssl and no ssl, same results

Working again.

No prob.  nothing to be sorry for. Just chance timing when I looked at it.

I might have to get twitter.

Thanks Oliver!


Looks like we got compensated somehow with yesterday's triple-block-bonanza :)

So we just now got back to our usual 90 miners after the outage.  I’m still new to mining, so I could be off-base here, but would it make sense to have another Cryptonight/Cryptonote pool (e.g., Æon or Masari) for when these happen?  That way people may stick around rather than pointing their rigs elsewhere or turning them off.


I agree. As a matter of fact we had an Aeon pool for quite a while. It (the Aeon daemon) was a shit show of epic proportions. On the other hand I'm totally open for suggestions for other promising Cryptonight currencies.

Cool, thanks!  The only other I’m aware of that I’m (fairly) sure follows the Monero fork schedule is Karbo...

EDIT: Just checked r/krb.  It does follow the XMR fork schedule.