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Socket Error and Timeout

Steve 9 months ago • updated by sydtrakked 8 months ago 9

I downloaded your miner and it has been working great for over a week, but today it decided to stop working. I keep getting timeout errors and socket errors (see image). 

It’s been like this all day. 

Been getting the same issue. Started out intermittently, but now its not responding at all.

Same problem, Forced me back to another pool.

Under review

Yeah. It sucks. The daemon once again got stuck. I've already triple checked everything and its not a configuration or server capacity issue. Fixed now.

seems good for the last 12 hours

I mined on port 3133, got the socket error after a windows update so I switched to port 3134. I mined for 24 hours straight (we found a block, Woo-Hoo!) had a freak power outage and now port 3133 or 3134  shows the following:

[2018-02-13 03:40:58] : Pool xmr.coinfoundry.org:3134 connected. Logging in...
[2018-02-13 03:40:58] : SOCKET ERROR - [xmr.coinfoundry.org:3134] RECEIVE error: socket closed
[2018-02-13 03:41:27] : Fast-connecting to xmr.coinfoundry.org:3134 pool ...
[2018-02-13 03:41:27] : Pool xmr.coinfoundry.org:3134 connected. Logging in...
[2018-02-13 03:41:28] : SOCKET ERROR - [xmr.coinfoundry.org:3134] RECEIVE error: socket closed

Could be a config issue. Could you post your miner config or email it to contact@coinfoundry.org?

The problem is that you are connecting to the TLS port 3134 but your config contains:

"use_tls" : false

Change it to:

"use_tls" : true


Your fix to my config.txt worked. Fantastic! I am back to mining.  Many thanks!  It looks like my difficulty increased from 16000 average to the 30000 I expected.


I keep receiving these errors every so often and I have the xmr pool as my back up but it doesn't connect to that either. I have to go restart manually to get it connected back to these pools once they're back up

2018-02-14 07:30:03[stratum+tcp://etn.coinfoundry.org:3102] RECEIVE error: socket closed
2018-02-14 07:30:05[stratum+tcp://xmr.coinfoundry.org:3032] CONNECT error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.