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Web Hash rate not matching rig hash rate

actionTurtle 8 months ago • updated by Oliver 8 months ago 4

The hash rate on line shows around 870 - 1,300 Kh/s but my rig says its hashing at 4600 Kh/s

So is the website not reflecting my real hash rate but mining at my actual hash rate or is it really only mining at 1,300?

Also looks like the pool has not been paid out in a long time... But I think that is because there are not a lot of miners on here... 


Hash rate on pool is calculated based off the submitted shares. a 3-4X difference between your reported rate and pool rate is huge, so there is something wrong, most likely at your end. Either way, do post your wallet address and the pool you are mining against, so @Oliver can have a look.

Under review

We still have a hashrate calculation problem with Neoscrypt based coins. It's just a display problem but still annoying.

Would be the case with ETN coin? Because the hr shown in pool is lower enough to worry from the real hr.

For instance, miner fujitsU-01 (2x Xeon X5670, Xmrig), hr confirmed before.

Real: [2018-02-18 12:52:20] speed 2.5s/60s/15m 495.3/492.4/491.9 H/s max: 513.5 H/s

Pool UI: 439.3 H/s (I've seen even 413 H/s).

That's quite a big difference...

Yeah we've had (and apparently still have) our share of problems with the accuracy of the displayed hashrates vs. what miners report locally. The code in question is open-source: https://github.com/coinfoundry/miningcore/blob/master/src/MiningCore/Mining/StatsRecorder.cs#L131

The code has been peer-reviewed by quite a few developers. But still, if you have a programming background and spot any inaccuracies with the calculations, feel free to submit a PR.