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Pool Fee Increase

Oliver 8 months ago • updated 8 months ago 3

In order to keep this project afloat, I had to increase the pool fees accross the board from 0.15% to 0.3% which is still a fraction of what most other pools charge. I've been planning to do this for quite a while. When the Monero pool was not able to cover the transaction fees to pay the miners today because the transaction fee was higher than the pool fee, I decided it is time to make the switch. I sincerely hope that this change will not force you to leave us. The change was necessary to pay the bills.


It's in our interest the pool makes a profit for the one that manages it. No issue with the increase.

I've got no problems with this change but could you kindly confirm how much I was paid for the last block (Wallet ID 49ukf8s4QQXEpB8em78S7WVrNc7mzPsx2VCb4wHjD3okKErLsbVgCgC1RR9kLX5DZhiKeaNYpUkGhDBBQVyMevyU9gppcvL).

I'm contributing with a tiny bit of hash power, more intended for educational purposes for now but believe I received 0.00001 XMR which seems much lower than for previous blocks.

Under review

I've checked the logs and you received a bit more:

core.log:[2018-02-12 13:36:05.8284] [I] [PPLNS] Adding 0.00021 XMR to balance of 49ukf8s4QQXEpB8em78S7WVrNc7mzPsx2VCb4wHjD3okKErLsbVgCgC1RR9kLX5DZhiKeaNYpUkGhDBBQVyMevyU9gppcvL for 4.42 M (4424036) shares for block 1507887

Your current balance is 0.001907867279 XMR.