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thierryouellet 3 months ago • updated by Pavel 4 days ago 5


Is there any API or mobile app that I can use in order to track my miners? I want to get alerts if a miner goes down.


Under review

Not yet but optional email notifications on miner failure will be introduced soon.


API would be preferable, it makes easy 3d party monitoring development.


Any updates on this please? I can see it's in the code base... Looking to build something that means I don't need to scrape the website!

This has been implemented a while ago but I forgot to announce it. You can retrieve your stats including per-worker hashrates and graph-data by sending a GET or POST to:


For <poolid> substitute the pool's currency in lowercase followed by a "1" (the Id of the Monero Pool is "xmr1" - without quotes).

Example request: 


is there a way we can also get a json of information on each coin such as difficulty, current price, number of miners on it etc... trying to build a profit switching c# program that would switch when other coin is more profitable to mine.