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Oliver 6 months ago • updated 6 months ago 44

The payments for the latest Monero block are delayed unfortunately because of a bug encountered in the Monero Wallet software. I've filed a bug with the Monero team which usually responds rather quickly to issues like this: https://github.com/monero-project/monero/issues/3379

Due to a malfunction in the Monero daemon, the pool assumed that the transfer of 4.46411 XMR to 32 recipients was successful when it in fact didn't happen. The pool attempted a fallback strategy to issue the payments that resulted in just a partial amount of the rewards to get sent which was 1.49291 XMR to 10 recipients. Due to the privacy features of Monero, not even I can figure out which addresses were among those 10 which received a payment. I therefore ask you to post your wallet address here if you are sure that you did not receive your payment. Please be honest. I'm going to collect addresses posted here for a couple hours and trigger the payments in batches.


Wallet: 49bSZ95cD5cA3PdrkDoX9zUrmHz4BJd3A997mfPmULSzP1C7rnTZAMaPQGvyhZxGrKjBrPU7iNocbDy6jNfb5R73MqYasRe

Didn't receive any & I just tweeted you before seeing this.

Confirmed it's arrived!



Did not receive any payment


Did not receive the last payment ( 0.21227 )



Did not receive the last payment (0.10194 )

payment recieved. Thanks 

the silence says it all.  I guess we got fucked

Time to move to a new pool

Kevin: I wrote in my follow up post that I would gather addresses first and bundle them up in a batch payment.


@Kevin - what silence?  Oliver told us about it, he did not hide it.  He is willing to make it right.  What is the problem then, no-one got "fucked".  A lot of other pools would NOT have notified anyone, it would have been up to each person to notice the error and work it out with the admin.  

@Oliver - thank you for your honesty...

@MinerOfMonero- The silence of not being payed within HIS time frame of a few hours and I have not received my payment or an update of the situation is a problem while I am still mining for the pool. When money is involved time is of the essence.  I only knew because I checked my account and the payment wasn't received. So, IT was up to me to find the error to tell the admin and I found this thread. A lot of people haven't responded to this thread.  5 people responded that noticed weren't paid versus 32 that were supposed to get paid but only 10 were paid. So 22 people were "fucked" out of payment including me.

@Oliver  Its been 15 hours since the follow up post without an update and I feel I deserve an update if I am to continue to mine in your pool. Thank you for your service


There was no silence, I said clearly I would gather addresses first in order to bundle them into bigger batches. I also need to sleep sometimes and since manually correcting a failure such as this in an otherwise highly automated system involves a lot of manual labor that does not allow the slightest mistake, I decided to do that in the morning. Anyone who has mined here for some time knows that scamming miners if not exactly what I'm known for.

Payments for first 5 addresses posted just went out.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the payment. Is it possible this issue has happend in the last three months? When I check my wallet balance against the dashboard balance, there's a difference.

No this hasn't happened before.

Thanks Oliver!

If it wasn't for your notice, I would have miss this.

I usually simply follow your dashboard...

because syncing with the network, in order to view my paper wallet (the view only),

is a cumbersome process. [and I'm worry this will get worst as the size of the chain increase]

But doing so, there was two warnings:

1) "Last scheduled hard fork time shows a daemon update is needed soon."

2) "no two valid MoneroPulse DNS checkpoint records were received"

I assumed this is relate to the MoneroV (XMV) fork ?

Again, thank you for the heads up.

r00k: Those messages you saw were from the daemon powering the paper wallet site. I cannot speak for the people running that site but I think your assumptions were correct.


I do everything locally (no other site).
To view my paper wallet, I created a view only wallet using the command line:

monero-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key  <filename_for_the_wallet>

Updated my daemon by

 - git pull the Monero project

 - make (crossed my finger nothing break)

 - and .. it .. break for the unit_tests ( missing an -fPIC flag ... )

 - however, was able to run the daemon Monero  'Helium Hydra' (v0.11.1.0-master-e9f41e4)

   with same warnings.

But I'm not worry, and was not implying it was your fault.  :)

Hi Oliver,

I figured it out, the dashboard is showing the last payment double.

Hi Oliver, thanks for the post... I just checked my wallet, double checked all transactions and was quite worried that my wallet did not receive the last payment!

My wallet address is:


I should have received 0.12476 XMR yesterday... but I surprisingly did not!

Thanks in advance!!!

You'll receive the outstanding amount tomorrow at the latest as I'm trying to bundle those transactions.

I also did not received 0.112 XMR to my wallet: 46WVHFgzSqDM5PbqD7ViHBM8FVUyMGHZ1fkwC58LnF6YKEXjCccCKosXEXDHSWL9pJBuxJxepnU6kbo1TkKPTgkjMrAbSoN

Hey Oliver,

 I've never actually checked my wallet :) It's taking forever to sync will let you know onces it's done synching

Piri's and Sebi's payments went out.

Thanks! I confirm I correctly received the payment.

Hi oliver, sorry to bother you again, but there is a fastidious side effect: having happened the "repairment" payment you triggered (in my case related to the balance earned at blocks 152450515255271526374) after block 1527400 (the last one, found 21 hours ago), the server resetted my balance to 0.0 xmr. But I am missing the +0.04129 XMR balance gained at the last block 1527400.

Can you do something to restore my balance relative to earnings at block 1527400 (+0.04129) to my address


Again, thanks in advance, I hope I explained myself well enough for you to understand the situation !!!

Anyway, if you have a look at the "account statement" at my wallet's dashboard https://coinfoundry.org/pool/xmr/account/47UYvtc6Z1a3v1LiUcGe4kKqi6aAiRuF9Beu5smDRDXTK6PhEjEKBix6t1NNXam9PGPysgm71JvHkSvLrKzhQDPY847iX6Z

you can clearly understand the problem and recalculate the balances to confirm I am not tricking you and the pool!

The problem has been corrected, thanks again!

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for letting us know, after checking, my 0.11875 XMR did not make it to my wallet.


Acknowledged. Once again I will process your payment with other submissions tommorow.

Payment on the way.

When i got paid my balance from "repairment"my earned monero jumped to 0.22399 XMR and deleting the balance of two last found block also. To wallet i got 0.112 XMR, but i still  missing the balance from my last two found block.

Hi Oliver, confirmed that the XMR are now in my wallet. Thank you!

Some issues I noticed: Can you update my balance, should be 0.05612. The last payment wiped it to 0. My earnings is also doubled, need to be half it due to the first payment not going through. Thanks in advance for all that you do.


I've corrected your balance.

I just joined your pool last Thursday I believe.  New to mining and no idea how to tell if I was one.  Shows a balance of .0013, 0 earned and nothing on the Payments tab as I write this.  I assume this means I wasn't involved, mainly just checking and gaining understanding.


Welcome aboard, and no you weren't affected.

Hi Oliver,

Sorry this took so long, it took over a week for my wallet to synch the entire block chain.

My public key:


I can confirm there seem to be some issues with the following blocks

9th March   - Pool Block 1525527:  There are no transaction on my end or reported by the webpage

10th March - Pool Block 1526374: Website reports it sent 0.19213 to my wallet via transaction block 1526653 but I cannot see a corresponding transaction on my end

11th March - Pool Block 1527400 : There are no transaction on my end or reported by the webpage

*There is an amount of 0.09343 XMR in my balance yet to be transferred.

I'm not sure which block this came from. Maybe from 1527400?

Happy to provide my XMR audit key if you need it.


This is your complete balance statement Devon:

  0.093426838427 | Reward for 2.21 G shares for block 1527400 | 2018-03-11 15:25:33.749783
 -0.192128813546 | Balance reset after payment                | 2018-03-10 11:47:09.347103
  0.096648155540 | Reward for 2.18 G shares for block 1526374 | 2018-03-10 04:50:44.438829
  0.095480658006 | Reward for 2.17 G shares for block 1525527 | 2018-03-09 01:08:32.309989
 -0.101086061551 | Balance reset after payment                | 2018-03-07 15:27:14.388445
  0.101086061551 | Reward for 2.15 G shares for block 1524505 | 2018-03-07 15:16:49.745133
 -0.105972066655 | Balance reset after payment                | 2018-02-27 04:57:37.95928
  0.105972066655 | Reward for 2.4 G shares for block 1518256  | 2018-02-27 04:10:48.112193

As you can see the 0.09342 were indeed awarded for Block 1527400. There were no transfers for block 1525527 because you received your share for that block but your balance did not yet cross the payment threshold.

In order to resolve the problem I've added the missing 0.19213 XMR to your balance which will get sent immediately.

Thanks Oliver


My balance is 0.11514 XMR. How do I get paid ? 

Oliver, I'm not sure if I fit here, 


think I should have 0.11787 XMR, but wallet shows 0, is this it?

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