Our Monero pool is on fire!

r00k 6 months ago • updated by MinerOfMonero 6 months ago 17

I can't believed my eyes! 

4 blocks in 4 days!  :)


AWESOME!!!  If this keeps up I will be able to break even with my electric costs lol....



Im certainty hoping that it does keep it up. Fingers crossed for atleast another block this week 


Your wishes came true !!

Please do more, many more, wishes. :)


The pool is a pretty lucky lil' guy :)

How much is luck vs the effect of expansion  (lower ping) ?  :)

It's noticable yes. 90% of the miners have a latency < 70ms.

Hehe, our faith in Coinfoundy is reaping bountiful rewards!

Go Team!


I added about 4k hash to the pool in past couple days and hopefully another 4-5k next week, every little bit helps


Excellent Richard! We are growing nicely

I have a reserve of cash ready to buy some more GPUs but can't find any that aren't complete rip offs. :(

Unfortunately the spike in demand for GPUs is pushing the price up. I dont know of any retailers who isnt ripping us off with GPU prices right now.


One Monero a day is a healthy meal.

Go team go!

Amazing, just amazing.  Go Go Go Team Monero...

Thank you all for keeping the Monero pool 'Effort' in the green.

Like Richard Wojcik said:  "every little bit helps"


You realize that no matter how much hashpower you throw at mining, luck remains luck. So the effort being green is more likely the result of some "secret sauce" I've added the Monero and Electroneum Pools than anything else :)

Haha. Keep that secret sause coming Oliver .  We are on fire!

WOWO - I would say statistically our Monero pool success is not possible.  I never thought I would say this to another man...  Oliver, keep the secret sauce coming,,, LOLOLOLOL