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Dear Callisto Testers

Oliver 6 months ago • updated by BALASUNDAR 5 months ago 19

Thanks for thoroughly testing the upcoming Callisto Pool. I hope you have read the bold-red disclaimer on the pool's page regarding Testnet Coins.

Hello Dear Oliver,

does the disclaimer mean the coins we are mining is worthless? or they will be valued when the mainnet is on ? what i mean is these CLO that we are mining will disappear or it will stay in wallet and get CLO monetary value ?

Under review

The testnet coins will never have any value. Only coins mined after we switch to the CLO Mainnet will be worth cash. Is the wording on the pool page perhaps too ambiguous?

But  still people are spending time in mining thousands of coins ...

and Airdropped coins also stays in testnet CLO in Classic Ether wallet and minned coins also deposited there...no clear idea

So, where will go the CLO coins we have mined before the mainnet launch?

In the https://explorer.callisto.network/ we can track the payments

The Testnet Coins will continue to exist on the Callisto Testnet 3.0 and they will continue to be worthless until eternity or Testnet 4.0 launches - whichever happens first. As far as I know the Callisto Explorer will also switch to the mainnet after launch and start tracking the real blockchain.

The Callisto mainnet will be launched in about 9 hours. Will the mining pool be started automatically with the mainnet or there is a set up/waiting time?

Can I put the miners before the mainnet and will they switch automatically after the mainnet launch?


We are still waiting for the github commits of rust-callisto to get ready for launch. I've contacted the Callisto Team on Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinfoundryorg/status/985211888123465730

Any news when the CLO pool will be open?

The Callisto team apparently forgot to commit the requested changes until now. I've contacted them again. Hopefully they will respond soon.

ok, waiting for it. 

Thank you in advance,

Can you post a reply when will be operative?


You can always expect that from me.

I started mining in this pool 1 hour after the release of the mainnet during aprox. 8 hours, what will happen to the hashing  power wasted? Have 0 CLO on my account

Ricardo: I'm sorry but the pool clearly states in bold-red that it's still on the testnet.

Not it sucks and I apologize, I should have taken down the stratum servers earlier. Which I just did. I initially did it not because I was expecting the Callisto Team to quickly provide the necessary fixes which they didn't.

please notify us once connected with mainnet ,so that we can mine...thanks

Will do of course. Here and on Twitter.

The Callisto Pool is now up running on mainnet and ready for mining.

yes ,its up and running fine...yet to find the blocks