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Approaching 20 days straight XMR mining with no blocks found - 497bKL5FSbuCSPDcryiFFAZjpsyvTvUZ9jWh1jBjTwy8C3rGNUaWEKfhWwHVHVhFTmhoT47V4n1cGYetB7Y6P5YVHRa9shW

DarthWang 5 months ago • updated by Oliver 5 months ago 42

Can someone tell me a compelling reason to stick around or should I look for a new pool

My guess, the two weeks prior to the fork was the ASICs making as much as they can.

Then at the fork, bots and ASICs gone (maybe) the network hashrate dropped...

Those bots/ASICs were then replace until yesterday by nicehash users...

Checking on Cryptocoins info we should get a block every week based on current pool & network hashrates.

Will see by next monday if I'm right... 

But I feel your pain, a block will not cover a month of my 13KH/s at current XMR price unless able to HODL for the best..


Stick around because odds are the next blocks are fast.

It seems the network hashrate has not updated at all under pool stats.  Other pools currently have it at 545 MH/s and they are getting blocks rather frequently.  Got to wonder if the pool is even connected to the correct network

Under review

curl --data-binary '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id":"1", "method": "get_info", "params": [] }' -H 'content-type: application/json' -X POST
  "id": "1",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    "alt_blocks_count": 1,
    "block_size_limit": 600000,
    "block_size_median": 109809,
    "bootstrap_daemon_address": "",
    "cumulative_difficulty": 13291028252287098,
    "difficulty": 65427005735,
    "free_space": 82740871168,
    "grey_peerlist_size": 4994,
    "height": 1548158,
    "height_without_bootstrap": 1548158,
    "incoming_connections_count": 17,
    "outgoing_connections_count": 64,
    "mainnet": true,
    "offline": false,
    "rpc_connections_count": 6,
    "stagenet": false,
    "start_time": 1523351521,
    "status": "OK",
    "target": 120,
    "target_height": 1548157,
    "testnet": false,
    "top_block_hash": "bfc2fd9bd03a320ed328978cf3c8f83180325fa720147cf7275a6551b1df5b49",
    "tx_count": 2645167,
    "tx_pool_size": 7,
    "untrusted": false,
    "was_bootstrap_ever_used": false,
    "white_peerlist_size": 1000

Network hashrate displaying correctly now

The majority of all submitted shares is still invalid due to miners apparently not updating their software. How people can happily keep on mining with all their shares getting rejected is beyond me. Below is a short live-capture of shares submitted to the EU Server:

[2018-04-10 16:09:43.6757] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGNQ] Share accepted: D=25000
[2018-04-10 16:09:43.8018] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q9G03] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:43.8246] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q8BOK] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:43.8297] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7EOI] Share accepted: D=3600
[2018-04-10 16:09:43.9594] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.0770] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG7S] Share accepted: D=8100
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.0770] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG7S] VarDiff update to 8400
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.1617] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q9SGA] Share accepted: D=18300
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.3147] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q890H] Share accepted: D=2700
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.3306] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.3682] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGAQ] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.4262] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.4262] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7KVA] Share accepted: D=16000
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.4426] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7DV0] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.6930] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5M6] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.8547] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGKA] Share accepted: D=7500
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.8547] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGKA] VarDiff update to 7800
[2018-04-10 16:09:44.9871] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAFS6] Share accepted: D=6600
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.1581] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG6T] Share accepted: D=8100
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.2473] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q8JT0] Share accepted: D=13000
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.3081] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAAHV] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.4261] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGK4] VarDiff update to 7200
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.5074] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q8C1B] Share accepted: D=1500
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.6507] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAFD1] Share accepted: D=7800
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.6742] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q926D] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.7921] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q890H] Share accepted: D=2700
[2018-04-10 16:09:45.9290] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA0PA] Share accepted: D=2100
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.0106] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7DVU] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.1225] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGEL] Share accepted: D=6900
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.1628] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.3590] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.5413] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q96Q7] Share accepted: D=31500
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.6569] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.7343] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.8781] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.8938] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5M6] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.9047] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q926D] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:46.9528] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:47.1036] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q9G03] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:47.1218] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGAQ] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:47.1273] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAD7H] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:47.3234] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7FSN] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:47.3915] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAD7H] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:47.4565] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7GC3] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:47.9283] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7E1V] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:48.4817] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7E44] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:48.8765] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7E47] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:48.8892] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QADJ1] Share accepted: D=14400
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.0149] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGBH] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.1087] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGHE] Share accepted: D=7500
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.1614] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q9G03] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.2736] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q88N1] Share accepted: D=49500
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.3274] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAFHR] Share accepted: D=10200
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.3372] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG3Q] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.3711] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7E2O] VarDiff update to 4200
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.4230] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7E26] Share accepted: D=1500
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.5156] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGIA] VarDiff update to 6900
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.6597] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7GC3] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.7048] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAD7H] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:49.8264] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAFV2] Share accepted: D=6600
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.2634] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG5R] Share accepted: D=7800
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.3419] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAFHR] Share accepted: D=10200
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.4327] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q9SHB] Share accepted: D=11100
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.5026] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q9VQG] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.5026] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGCJ] VarDiff update to 6300
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.7650] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG4E] VarDiff update to 5400
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.8730] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7KVA] Share accepted: D=16000
[2018-04-10 16:09:50.8985] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.1202] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.2404] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q926D] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.3730] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG5E] Share accepted: D=6300
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.5109] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG6D] Share accepted: D=5700
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.5199] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q96Q7] Share accepted: D=31500
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.6654] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QADJ1] Share accepted: D=14400
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.7373] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG60] Share accepted: D=5700
[2018-04-10 16:09:51.9361] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q9SGA] Share accepted: D=18300
[2018-04-10 16:09:52.2189] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG3S] Share accepted: D=9300
[2018-04-10 16:09:52.3012] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7DVU] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:52.4599] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAG1B] Share accepted: D=5400
[2018-04-10 16:09:52.5577] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAFDM] Share accepted: D=8100
[2018-04-10 16:09:52.7413] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:52.8963] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7E3R] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.1045] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q88N1] Share accepted: D=49500
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.1045] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q8DHG] Share accepted: D=3900
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.3052] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.4436] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.5138] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAFD1] Share accepted: D=7800
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.5195] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QA5E1] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.7412] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7E44] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:53.8373] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7GC3] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:54.0081] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAAHV] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:54.0486] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254QAGAH] VarDiff update to 6000
[2018-04-10 16:09:54.1418] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q8EPO] Share rejected: bad hash
[2018-04-10 16:09:54.2488] [I] [xmr1] [Pool] [0HLCU254Q7GC3] Share rejected: bad hash


Hi Oliver,

You should add to the miners dashboard the

total valid & invalid shares for the last 10min/ 1h/ 3h/ and/or 12h

It will help people running their tasks in background without terminal or local web server enabled...

EDIT:  or having an invalid hashrate added as a red curve on our H/s graph  (that would be cool)

for about 4 days there were only 60 miners as opposed to the normal 200+. Have the ant miners found a workaround already and we have no chance?

They probably aren't keeping up with the news and having their rig stashed away and just haven't attended to in forever.

One thing Oliver, on the homepage under Monero it says Crytonight as the algorithm and technically it probably still is but maybe change the algorithm to Monero 7 or whatever the new one is.

Probably not a big thing but might help?


getting silly now,

ive never had so many shares in a block

Yeah, I know it feels that way but most likely it's just down to chance and we'll end up with a 600% mining effort or something like that.

I'm sure Oliver will have already tried it, but, it may be time for a quick maintenance break to restart all the servers involved (this seemed to work a couple of times when I was mining Electroneum here, may well have been just coincidence though).

Oliver, is that something that's been done?

Do pools or miners in general get any penalty for submitting bad hashes for Monero?

Miners submitted too many bad shares in a row will get banned for 10 minutes.

This is what I've tried so far without success:

  • Switch back and forth between unpatched and patched versions of monerod (the XMR full-node software powering the pool)
  • Bring up a new daemon that's been synced from scratch and switch the stratum servers over to it
  • Increasing inbound/outbound connections of the daemon
  • Bumping process priority of the daemon
  • Tried different software for powering the stratum endpoints for XMR: MiningCore vs nodejs-pool (this is the software responsible for actually unlocking blocks from submitted shares)
  • Tried different commit versions of MiningCore and nodejs-pool (I'm the author of the former and I'm maintaining a fork of the latter)
  • Finally gave each stratum server its own local monerod to eliminate any latency between block updates and work getting sent to miners

None of this helped and I'm honestly on the brink of compensating miners from own money and closing down the XMR pool for good as I can't justify letting miners waste their time and money with that PoS.

It would be  a shame to close down the Monero pool especially as we have had  such a good run in Feb/March. Not sure what else we can do here as it appears you been proactive and also tried various things. 

Trust me, I don't want to do that either. The Monero Pool was the very first pool here. It is my Baby. But every day without a block is mounting more and more pressure on me as I'm in charge, and owe to you guys to get my act together considering how much trust you've shown by sticking with the pool. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, checking the pool on my mobile.

Unfortunately as I have invested time and money and getting nowhere I am going to wait another 48 hours then have to redeploy elsewhere. I am new to the pool but looks like I came in at a bad time as the first week was exciting and profitable but in the end it has actually cost me money being here. Thanks for trying to fix it anyway.


And nobody would blame you for that. Thanks for sticking with the pool for such a long time.


I'm going to pump approx 1 MH/s into the pool via Nicehash. Shares generated by the boost will get deleted afterwards to prevent messing up miner earnings (if there are any :P - forgive my sarcasm).


I noticed the jump 1.2 MH/s. Hope this gets us moving soon. Thanks Oliver

yeah, dam! what a jump lol


Let's hope this helps. I have 24.645 B shares so far...... think I'm going to cry soon.

One thing I keep forgetting to post is that for a number of weeks, now and before the fork, I've been getting a lot of of "block expired" errors. It may be completely unrelated to the current XMR issue but wondered if anyone else has been getting this?

I am on 13b....  I feel ya!


at least I have not had to run the heat at my house and my shop lol

Oliver, if you do close down the XMR pool, can you suggest a pool or pools to go to.  I started mining about 5 months ago, looked up pools, selected your pool and have been here every since.  Hate to see it happen but if you cannot get it to work properly I cannot blame you.  

I've switched to supportxmr.com. Block found 4 minutes ago and 0.6% fee... Sorry Coinfoundry. I can always switch back if there is action again. 

another hash injction needed? Much as I love thisplace I think Im gonna have to move if only temporarily. Can continue to shell out for the electricity with nothing in return for so long.

Tried briefly and failed, this is by far the easest to set up and unbelevably comes with actual instructions


I've switched the US servers over to the new provider.

I'm here for the long haul... I am only mining at about 6.5k but... I am all set up and cozy here... I saw how the potential is... Let us know if there is anything we can do?


With the new US server I am getting better, more stable times.  I am comfy here as well.  


I’m hangin’ in there too. I’m only contributing about 2 kH/s, but hopefully every little bit helps. 

I'm getting a higher hashate since the server swich. Prog an extra 100-150 h/s It was all over the place last night im assuuming because of the switchhover

I am getting higher h/s as well after the US server change...

To minerofzeromonero. I hope you realize that a block reward does not increase the longer it takes to mine.  Whether it takes a day or an hour it will be a 4.8 xmr block reward. And then split that up with the pool and all the other miners. My current pool found 11 blocks in 24 hours with 800 miners and 0 pool fee. I like CF but it's about money

Which pool is offering zero fee? And how likely is it that they cut and run prior to payment...?

They make money on transaction fees.  The lower the threshold the more the transaction fee. I 've been paid within hours of my threshold. Monero ocean pool


Has anyone checked to make sure the setup generator is up to date after the recent fork?

I am not sure if anything would have changed but it is certainly starting to look as if we got some kind of problems in the Monero pool.

I know Oliver has gone through a lot of things and is trying to get it sorted. I was thinking that if this part was overlooked maybe it is a problem on the user side of things and no matter what troubleshooting is done on the pool side it won't change anything.

I really do not know much about these kind of things but could it be a reason for our recent lack of progress?

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