Im out of the monero pool. it has got ridiculous almost a month i think it broke at the fork

pauly 5 months ago • updated by mysolarix 4 months ago 6

i got the first  of the to but laptop was off after we hit ite second. I dont want to destroy a £900 laptop for £15.00. One of the suppport guys said it wast good to run so hot 24/7 

I'm not sure what you mean. I got into the pool around 3 weeks ago and its found monero twice in that time.

And according to pool stats it found some 25 days ago as well.

Currently its been 16 days since the last one was found. How did you miss those if you've been in the pool almost a month?

Am I missing something?

Your first post is ambiguous then. Were you asking for them to pay you out because you don't expect to be mining anytime in the near future?

I think the time has finally come for me to abandon the Monero mining pool.  We just don't seem to he having the luck that we had pre-fork, and my contributions to the pool (and thus payouts) are dwindling compared to the top 24 miners.

@Oliver - Would you be so kind as to transfer my remaining balance out, please?

Wallet ID: 49npKVGubv5SuSuo3U2v9ZUbYxeKiwn1vjFi3vEaNbjaEwkuha8hMDv5PX94HTRVxGezGttKu7E3dcSubgZaKLgVHzddMQp

You're welcome to keep any trailing payments resulting from PPLNS shares.  This is by far best pool website I've used, and as others have mentioned previously, you have the patience of a saint.

@Oliver: Is it we are going to lose the remaining balance left if we decided not to join the pool anymore?