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DASH Hash power and workers disapearing.

Nono 5 months ago • updated by Oliver 5 months ago 10


My hash and worker list is 0.

What does it mean? It happens time to time. Does this mean I am not getting my rewards during this period?

This is alarming and bad situation for me. 

Dash address is XoEQ751Fj1gr48nMivZ3Jdg2hK7Efq8NK7


I'll second that, it is alarming.
Hashrate displays as 0 on the web page.
When I have a look on my miner's GUI it reports as running on full hash rate.


Under review

I'm on it.

Can you also provide a reason for this?

I have seen it multiple times. I need to be sure that this is the right pool to mine at.

The pool underwent a transition of pretty much its entire hardware infrastructure over the past couple days. Yesterday the final pieces have been migrated resulting in a couple glitches which are are all fixed now. 

Hash rate and worker are visible once again on the website.

Yes. Fixed for me also. What about the hashing work? Are the rewards payed out for the work done or they are gone?

Nono: Only PPS (pay-per-share) pay for hashing power. We pay for blocks.

Okay. But I need to know if this happens and my miner is working in your pool. Are are you also paying for it in shares?

You get what I mean I hope. I need to know if I see 0 hashpower in website but the miner is actually working on the block, does it get payid for the work or not.

https://coinfoundry.org/faq#payments. The situation today was an exception.